The Law Firm

The law firm BERGQVIST & ALVAREZ ADVOGADOS was founded in 2003 and is composed of a harmonious group of lawyers with extensive experience in their respective areas of practice, who came together with the ideal to render high-quality legal services to their Clients.

The firm is headquartered in the city of Rio de Janeiro, with branches in São Paulo and Salvador; it also maintains an operating partnership with prominent law firms in Brazil’s main cities.

The firm’s team of lawyers is composed of highly qualified professionals, fluent in languages and who are constantly undergoing improvement programs, so as to develop and present creative and effective solutions to satisfy the legal needs of Clients, be they of great or small complexity.

The firm’s gradual and consistent expansion is due to its highly competent, specialized and professionally enthused team of lawyers.

BERGQVIST & ALVAREZ ADVOGADOS represents an extensive and influential clientele formed by some of the country’s biggest companies and foundations that are active in many sectors of the economy, such as: complementary social security, transportation, industrial, shopping centers, food, civil construction, hotel industry, real estate mergers, etc.

Dedicated to the company’s advocacy, BERGQVIST & ALVAREZ ADVOGADOS provides legal assistance in all the areas it needs (see areas of practice).

Rio de Janeiro

Rua Sete de Setembro, 99
15º andar - Centro
Tel.: (55) (21) 2222-0107
Fax.: (55) (21) 2508-7094


Av. Tranquedo Neves, 1283
salas 403/404
Ed. Empresarial Ômega
Caminhos das Árvores
Tel.: (55) (71) 3441-0707


SAS Quadra 03 Bloco C - Ed. Business Point
Salas 907/908 - Brasília - DF - 70070-934
Tel.: (55) (61) 321-6130 - Fax.: (55) (61) 322-7940